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The heart is heavy, yet something is missing

The head is throbbing, with no escape in sight

Blue screams, black dreams. 

Twisting, squeezing, strangling me

But leaving me just enough air, just enough

To feel my sadness.  




You’re too sensitive.

Don’t be so dramatic.

You’re too sensitive.

Lighten up.

You’re way too sensitive.

Don’t worry so much.

So so sensitive you are.

Don’t be so damn paranoid.

Ah sensitive one aren’t we.

We weren’t talking about YOU.

You’re just being too sensitive.

Dont be so… YOU.


I love you,

But there’s a crack in the wall.

I need you,

But there’s a crack in the wall.

And you,

Have no glue.


In the beginning there was coffee,

Just Coffee.

Rechter’s Cafe.

Music. Hotel California.

Coming to my senses.

Leaving my senses behind.

Leaving them to you.

It’s a tunnel.

Then there were words.

Words that meant a little more each time,

then meant nothing at all.

Then there were books.

Mountains of stories.


Meaningless talk about nothing in particular.

It’s a mystery I’m supposed to solve.

I can’t.

Library; I’m passing out.

Why did I consent?

When, in the End,

I knew there would be nothing.

Wasted Love.


‘Hand over your heart’, he said,

‘And I will give you everything you’ve ever wanted.’

‘Give me your soul’, he said,

‘And I will combine it with mine.’

‘Give me your freedom’, he demanded.

And then, he left.


 Everybody thinks they know her.

Thinks they know what it’s like.

They think it’s easy, free, natural.

But all everybody really sees is the surface,

a hard, un-real facade.

It’s helped her out in the past and will again in the future.

But only one knows how long and hard it was to build it up,

and how frighteningly fast it can fall away.